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We believe direct citizen action is essential to a thriving democracy and that the burdens and benefits of community development should be shared equally among all citizens.

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Salem River Crossing

The need for a third bridge across the Willamette River in the Salem area has been discussed for many years. Learn More


Start here to find out what issues are being discussed in Salem and ongoing planning projects. Topics can span issues like transportation, neighborhoods, bridges, new businesses, new buildings, public works,... Learn More


Here, you will find a list of local, national, and international resources that might be of interest to civic-minded groups and individuals and those frequenting Salem CityWatch pages. A goal of Salem CityWatch is to provide factually correct information of importance to our community. Learn more...

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Join us for our meeting on the second Saturday of the month at 10 AM, Broadway Commons 3rd Floor.

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  • Public Hearing on Senate Bill 2 A – March 28th

    Senate Bill 2 A Public Hearing: 3/28/2019 3:00 PM Location: HR D House Committee On Agriculture and Land Use Follow: Meeting Details Public Hearing SB 2 A Description: Allows listed eastern Oregon counties that undertake economic opportunity analysis to designate up to 50 acres outside urban growth boundaries for industrial and other employment uses notwithstanding […]

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  • Willamette Wake Up 03/06/19 — Salem City Council Report

    Willamette Wake Up 03/06/19 — Salem City Council Report: Scott Schlegel reports on council funding for downtown homeless services, local statistics on homelessness, council action to reduce traffic congestion in Salem, and more.

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  • Willamette Wake Up 03/06/2019 — Salem City Council Report: Systems Development Charges

    Willamette Wake Up: 03/06/2019 Salem City Council Report: Systems Development Charges Scott Schlegel reports on the Council’s move to increase Systems development Charges (SDC) to pay for the costs of development. There is also a brief report on how the Salem Housing Authority is helping families experiencing homelessness and get into housing. KMUZ Willamette WakeUp […]

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