Our Salem: Planning for Growth

We’re checking Salem’s vitals

How livable are our neighborhoods? How strong is our economy? How sustainable is our community?
The City has launched a multi-year project to update the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan, which guides development in the Salem area. This is a big project, so it has been broken into three possible phases.

Phase 1
The first phase, called Our Salem: Today, focuses on examining the existing conditions of the city – our vital signs – and evaluating difference scenarios for how Salem could grow under current policies. The City has hired a consulting team to work on the first phase and the first phase only.

The Our Salem: Today phase includes several tasks:

  • Review existing plans to identify City goals and priorities
  • Choose measures to evaluate the city
  • Conduct a greenhouse gas inventory to determine the community’s impact on the environment
  • Create and evaluate scenarios to illustrate how Salem could grow

The first phase is expected to take nine months to a year to complete. It will inform critical discussions and decisions about future growth in the city.

Future phases will be determined when the current phase is complete. If future phases are needed, they will follow the themes below:

Phase 2
Our Salem: What’s Possible – Establish the community’s vision for future growth and development
Phase 3
Our Salem: What’s Next – Update the Comprehensive Plan to implement the community’s vision

Our Salem: Planning for Growth

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