Established in 1997, Salem CityWatch is one of the longest continually operating citizen activist groups in Oregon.

We believe direct citizen action is essential to a thriving democracy and that the burdens and benefits of community development should be shared equally among all citizens.

SalemCityWatch, originally called “Citizens for Responsible Growth”, is an independent organization of concerned citizens who work on issues important to the future of our city.

Salem CityWatch members believe that…

  • All citizens have the right and the responsibility to determine how our city is governed.
  • Taxpayers have the right to determine how and where our community should grow.
  • The burdens and benefits of community development should be shared fairly among all citizens and businesses.
  • Direct citizen action is essential to a thriving democracy and the key to influencing government action.

What We Do…

  • We work for balance in the tax responsibility between businesses and individuals.
  • We advance appropriate solutions to local issues of planning, environmental protection and sound fiscal policy.
  • We provide factually correct information of importance to our community.
  • We identify and support candidates for public office and encourage political action by citizens.
  • We advocate before government agencies and the city to preserve open space and natural resources, and for the highest quality of life standards¬†for all.
  • We share resources with other civic-minded groups and coordinate actions with others to promote our ideas.
  • CityWatch joins with other progressive groups to develop leadership and campaign for a better future for all of our community.

What We’ve Accomplished…

  • Twice led a citywide coalition and campaign to require that new development pay its share of the costs of growth and additional infrastructure such as streets and sewers.
  • Led a successful campaign which brought the right to vote on annexations to Salem’s citizens.
  • Helped campaigns of local candidates running for Mayor, City Council, school board, and transit district.
  • Successfully sued the City of Salem for violations of election laws.
  • Raised voter awareness of the impacts of city annexations.
  • Twice successfully changed the number and composition of the Planning Commission.
  • Undertook Citywide survey of citizen knowledge of City Council.


  • Kasia Quillinan, President
  • Mary Vorachek, Secretary
  • Mary Kamppi and Kasia Quillinan, Co-Treasurers