Commercial-Vista Corridor Project

Connecting People and Places

About this Project

The City of Salem has received a grant through the State of Oregon Transportation and Growth Management Program to develop a refinement plan for the Commercial-Vista Corridor. The focus of this project is to improve the visual character and functionality of the circulation system within the project area and to strengthen the district’s identity, character, economic vitality, and marketability.

Desired Outcomes

The goal is to identify specific project to manage traffic, enhance connectivity, and provide a welcoming environment for walkers, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists. The general approach will be to identify short-term projects for immediate implementation as well as incremental improvements that can be constructed as funding becomes available or in conjuction with private investment actions.

Community Involvement

The project is being developed in partnership with local businesses, neighborhoods, and the public.

Latest News:

  • Recommendations going to Neighborhood Associations and on to Council this spring (2017)
  • Seeking funds for some elements, including pedestrian crossing islands and buffered bike lanes and bike signal (see ARTS Applications)