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Salem CityWatch has no formal position on the so called “Third Bridge”.

Any previous posting indicating a position on this issue were in error.

The following links are provided as reference material.

Preferred Alternative and Next Steps:

From Salem River Crossing webpage:

The Salem River Crossing project is working toward finding a solution that will reduce traffic congestion for all users (buses, cars, trucks, bikes) on the two bridges that cross the Willamette River and the connecting roads in downtown and West Salem.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the City of Salem published and collected public and agency comments on the Draft EIS through June 18, 2012.

The Draft EIS assessed the impacts of 8 alternatives plus a no-build alternative and developed visualizations of what each alternative might look like. The Preferred Alternative was recommended by the Oversight Team in February 2014. The Final EIS will analyze the Preferred Alternative and respond to public and local agencies/organizations comments from the Draft EIS.

What’s New

There was a Salem River Crossing joint public hearing for the land use actions on Wednesday, October 12, 2016, The land use actions included amending the Salem Transportation System Plan, modifying the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), and taking an exception to Statewide Planning Goal 15  (Willamette River Greenway). To learn more visit the City of Salem’s website


City of Salem – Salem River Crossing Taskforce

Welcome and thank you for seeking additional information about the Salem River Crossing project. This website has been designed to support the City Council process to provide input into the selection of a preferred alternative. For details of the Salem River Crossing project and the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, refer to the project website at or review the Executive Summary of the Draft EIS.

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The Third Bridge Salem Blogspot

We believe the Salem River crossing project best serves Salem by creating an alternate route across the Willamette River for commuters, commerce, and freight.  We agree that a bridge which connects the Salem Parkway on the east side of the river with Highway 22 on the west side of the river to be the most practical for long term viability.


Salem Breakfast on Bikes – Third Bridge – Rivercrossing

The Salem River Crossing is a proposal for a highway bridge between Hope Ave. NW and the Pine/Hickory NE couplet with an on-ramp system and connections to the Salem Parkway and OR-22.


NO 3rd Bridge | Facebook

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (PDF)